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Family Continuity Trust

Goldberg LLP

Why do you need a Trust?
If you own property, then you need a Trust
realize your most important goals

  • TRUST - Private Transaction A Trust is a private contract. There is no requirement that a Trust ever go before a Judge in Court.
  • WILL - Probate Court Requirement A Will must be adjudicated in Probate - meaning that a Judge affirms the will was correctly executed AND anyone who is nosy can get a full copy of what your will said!
  • TRUST - You Pick Who With a Trust, the Trustee is in charge of fulfilling the objectives of the Trust. You get to pick who the Trustee is.
  • WILL - A Judge Decides Probate Judges can take a long time to fulfill the objectives of a Will. Meanwhile, your family could be out in the cold. Lawyers also get tremendous fees from the Probate process
  • TRUST - No Extra Costs Required Dividing your property how you want is done by the Trustee who you selected - this could be an entirely free process.
  • WILL - Extra Costs Can Exceed $100,000 Between attorney fees and extra taxes, a Will can be extremely costly for your family.
  • TRUST - Tax Benefits Trusts can have tax benefits. Consult your tax professional or attorneys at Gold Legal Group to learn more.
  • WILL - No Tax Benefit A Will can not offer you any special tax protections.